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Press releases

 Amazentis Announces the Launch of Timeline™ Cellular Nutrition at the World Economic Forum in Davos 

Amazentis  l  Press Release  l  January 23rd 2020

First Human Clinical Trial Results on the Anti-Aging Compound, Urolithin A, Published by Amazentis and Researchers from the EPFL and SIB

Amazentis  l  Press Release  l  June 14th 2019

Nestlé Health Science invests in global strategic partnership with Amazentis to develop its new cellular nutrient Urolithin A

Amazentis  l  Press Release  l  April 2nd 2019

Amazentis SA Announces Completion of Series C Financing

Amazentis Also Announces Initiation of Two Pivotal, Phase 2 Clinical Studies in North America

Amazentis  l  Press Release  l  March 21st 2018

Amazentis SA Announces Successful Phase 1A/1B Study Results in Healthy Elderly Subjects with the Food Metabolite Urolithin A

Amazentis  l  Press Release  l  April 27th 2017

Milestone Study on Pomegranate Anti-Aging Mechanism Reported

by Amazentis SA and EPFL Researchers

Amazentis  l  Press Release  l  July 11th 2016

Pomegranate finally reveals its powerful anti-aging secret /

La grenade révèle une puissante molécule anti-vieillissement

EPFL  l  Press Release  l  July 11th 2016

Pomegranates reveal its powerful anti-aging secret


EPFL  l  Video  l  July 6th 2016



In the media

Pomegranate compound with anti-aging effects passes human trial

medicalxpress  l  Published online  l  June 17th 2019

The mitophagy activator urolithin A is safe and induces a molecular signature of improved mitochondrial and cellular health in humans

Nature Metabolism  l  Published online  l  June 14th 2019

Nestle Deal Seeks to Tap Pomegranate's Anti-Aging Potential

Bloomberg  l  Published online  l  April 2nd 2019

Urolithin A induces mitophagy and prolongs lifespan in C. elegans and increases muscle function in rodents

Nature Medicine  l  Published online  l  July 11th 2016

Pomegranate by-product boosts muscles and may fight ageing

New Scientist  l  Published online  l  July 11th 2016

 Gut bacteria unleash anti-aging power of pomegranates 

Medical News Today  l  Published online  l  July 11th 2016

 Discovery of pomegranate's anti-ageing molecule is a 'milestone' 

Telegraph  l  Published online  l  July 11th 2016

Amazentis va commercialiser la «vitamine C» de l’anti-âge

Bilan  l  Published online  l  July 11th 2016

Pomegranate by-product boosts muscles and may fight ageing

Financial Times  l  Published online  l  July 12th 2016

 Pomegranate could help you live longer 

The Times  l  Published online  l  July 12th 2016

Pomegranates Yield Promising Anti-Aging Compound

Gizmodo  l  Published online  l  July 12th 2016

 Granadas contra el envejecimiento muscular 

El Pais  l  Published online  l  July 12th 2016

A molecule to fight ageing

Swissquote  l  Published online  l  January 2017


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