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Amazentis announces new clinical findings and launches first consumer product with Mitopure (proprietary highly pure Urolithin A) in the USA. 

Amazentis is an innovative life science company dedicated to employing breakthrough research and clinical science to bring advanced therapeutic nutrition products to life.

Who we are

We employ rigorous science

to pioneer the discovery and clinical development of the next generation of naturally derived bioactives, starting with Mitopure™ (a proprietary highly pure Urolithin A)Our focus is the development of innovative products designed to meet the health needs of an aging population. Our current work builds on modulating Mitochondrial function.

Muscle Health

We are improving muscle health

Our most advanced product targets the reversal of age-related muscle decline by improving the activity of mitochondria – the “powerhouse of the cell” – to optimize muscle function.


Society is aging. Worldwide,
it’s projected there will be more than 1 billion people over 65 years old by 2030. 

A decline in skeletal muscle strength and overall function is a hallmark of aging. These changes can become debilitating and lead to a condition called sarcopenia, which is thought to affect 30% of elderly.


We are targeting a novel pathway

Our lead bioactive - a metabolite of pomegranates - has been demonstrated to trigger a highly effective biological mechanism of action that recycles and rejuvenates aging mitochondria via a process called mitophagy.


Our leadership

Includes world class scientists and medical professionals.
Our board features leading members of the Life Science and Pharmaceutical industries.

Patrick Aebischer, MD

Chairman and Co-Founder

Chris Rinsch, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder

Pierre Landolt


Odile Rundquist, PhD

Thierry Lombard

Eric Lohrer

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